2019 Raygun Full Review: Features, Price, Details, and More

Raygun helps you finish your DevOps tasks more efficient and faster. Check out this post to find out more.  

What is Raygun?

Raygun is known as a software intelligence tool and can be proactively found and diagnosed by organizations and software managers. In addition, it fixes software and application performance problems before end consumers encounter them.

The system offers complete awareness of issues and workflow instruments. It enables you to rapidly resolve mistakes and issues and enhance client interactions.

In addition, this instrument functions collision monitoring functions that allow organizations and application managers to monitor, evaluate and fix errors and crashes in their stacks. The system also enables you to know how consumers experience apps.

It enables them to find the root factors and other application performance problems experienced by end customers for slow-page loading and network calls.

Overview of Raygun Benefits

Understand All The Mistakes And Crashes

This instrument provides collision tracking capabilities which help you to detect, recognize and resolve end-user mistakes and accidents. You can monitor the mistakes and accidents in any significant programming language, platform, operating system, browser, and server.

Group Errors And Crashes

This tool divides mistakes, bugs, and collisions into organizations as a portion of its crash tracking functions. The mistake organizations rank, ignore, and continuously ignore mistakes which are present, solved, and fixed in a specific variant.

The collection of mistakes can, therefore, help you to establish the status of mistakes and to detect and address these mistakes. Based on those mistake organizations, you will be notified.

For example, if a fixed mistake occurs again, they will obtain a notice. Then this mistake can be assigned to the unit or position Active mistake.


This tool offers the capacity to use incoming filters as a collision notification function. Inbound databases are used to screen device title, model, IP number, hostname, and more derived mistakes. Users can concentrate on the failure that directly affects their clients with this function.

Pricing Plans:

Raygun offers a free trial, Platform Startup for $249/mo., Small Business for $749/mo., and Business for $1,999/mo. It also has other plans like Platform Enterprise which you need to contact a vendor.

Plans like Crash Reporting Side Project for $19/mo. is available. This includes Real User Monitoring Side Project for $19/mo.

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