2019 Shortcut Guide: How To Add Apple Shortcut Effortlessly

Apple is making everything easier with its new shortcut features, that enable to use apps that you love instantly. Still, many iPhone users do not know how to achieve or even use it.

Fortunately, this article got you covered. Check out this post to find out more about how to add Siri shortcut effortlessly.

How to add Apple to Shortcuts

You can do the Shortcuts in two ways. Start by going to the Setting page, Siri and Search, select All Shortcuts, choose the + next to each Shortcut.

The second way, on the other hand, all you need to do is split two sections, which are Library and Gallery.

Apple: The Library and Gallery

All your shortcuts housed in the Library and you can see what activities it takes when you click on the three points on your shortcut. You will see a switch-style logo in the upper correct corner under the button Done.

To get the Shortcut settings, click on it. One option is to add your personalized Siri passphrase to Siri. This is the first one.

You have officially created a Siri shortcut once you add your Siri phrase to your shortcut. The shortcuts application is now a repurposed Workflow app, which Apple purchased back in 2017. The application, like Shortcuts, design to allow you to combine a range of services, actions, and routines.

Activate The Shortcut

It can achieved in various ways to activate your shortcuts. The Siri sentence can be used. You can open the shortcuts app and click on them in the library and add them to your Shortcuts widget in the widget of your iPhone. You can also attach this to your Safari mobile share sheet.

How to create a Customized Shortcut

You can develop your shortcut if you want to be more creative as well. This can be done from the Shortcuts app’s library chapter. Just click Create a shortcut and slide a fresh screen up. Next, a tray with different skills will provide to you.

For example, you want to start with music. Start with selecting the Find Music button, go to the Current Song, and tap Get Playlist. Choosing the Get Current Song will lead you to more actions and updates.

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