2019 Shortcuts: Top Apple Shortcuts That You Can Use Right Away

Apple shortcuts are what make iPhone users thrill with new and exciting features that make everything easier. In this post, it presents you top shortcuts that you must use right now.

Shoot a GIF Shortcut

The Shoot a GIF shortcut opens the camera app to capture a certain number of pictures. Precisely, by default, the numbers are about four. After the last picture has been taken, it combines it in an animated image.

Time Machine Shortcuts

This Apple shortcut to looking at your camera roll is fun, simple and reliable. Run this shortcut for pictures that you saved a year earlier on your Photos album.

You can adjust the shortcut if you like to go back even more. It can, however, be very addictive, remember.

Download File

It will never be the simplest method to download files on iOS. This shortcut allows you to share a shortcut connection to the file. The app downloads the file and asks where to save it.

Unzip and Save

ZIP files are a problem for an iOS device, as you understand. That’s because they can’t be handled clearly. When you next look at a ZIP file, you will need to unzip the share sheet and store its content on your iPhone or iPad.

Expand URL

The shortened links can be a real pain. This kind of URL destination can be hidden. If you are worrying about connections like bit.ly link, as it might bring you anywhere else, you should not. The expanded URL got you cover.

Backup Shortcuts

As you already know, shortcuts between iOS devices are synced via iCloud. However, you would be happy to back up your Shortcuts if anything ever happens to your database.

What is Siri Shortcuts?

To put it most simply, Siri Shortcuts is Apple’s free web-based service to create chains of simple conditional statement or IFTTT. With this, you can easily create your routines that involve multiple apps and functions.

You can, for example, create a Siri Shortcut which prepares you for a job. Siri can offer you instructions, begin your switching playlist and even lock your door with a fast sentence.

It also has a different manner of using Siri shortcuts. Some applications can generate data packages for you and assign them a Siri sentence to access them rapidly.

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