Airbrake Full Review: Top SRE Tools In 2019 That Everyone Must Try Out

With Airbrake, completing your task and projects as SRE developer is easier and faster than ever before. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Airbrake?

Known as bug tracking software based in the cloud intended, Airbrake is created for designers and growth managers of internet and mobile application developer. With intelligent organization and reporting capacities, this instrument enables you to rapidly monitor bugs and work together to solve these.

It automatically defines software mistakes and instances as a problem monitoring and reporting alternative, and records them straight to your design group. This instrument can identify mistakes and customers can configure the software for the grouping of mistakes.

Overview of Airbrake Benefits

  • Error Grouping Functionality

One of the software’s distinctive characteristics is its mistake classification. This software provides ways to quickly detect and remedy an exception or error before it becomes a significant problem for developing teams and customers.

The ability to cluster software or implementation mistakes is one of those aspects. You can group mistakes based on their type. Also, group guidelines can be created to customize error classification.

  • Better Reporting Capability

The error reporting capability of this tool is another feature. It gives all the information to define and solve bug or error in production managers.

It records mistakes and derogations from all design settings, by definition: creation, testing, inspection, and manufacturing. This implies that it can record mistakes that happen before and after the client has received software or request.

  • Boost Management

For all software or implementation deployments in separate settings, you can receive accounts. You can configure this feature to identify which types of errors are more important per application or environment.

 As an instance, you may disregard some kinds of mistakes during a testing implementation, but not when the software releases those mistakes.

Price And Plans

This offer plans like Essential Plan for $49 per month, Startup for $99 per month, Growth Plan $249/ per month, and Enterprise Plan by quote.

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