Apple New Shortcuts That You Must Know: Best Shortcuts in 2019

As you might already know, Apple shortcuts come with tons of benefits that you cannot count it all. In this post, it gives another top list of features that you might want to try it out.

Do Not Disturb with Timers

It is quite a common problem to turn do not disturb and then forget to disable it. Yes, iOS allows you not to disturb the timing.

However, there is a single question where you just want to keep your phone silent for an hour.. The do not disturb with shortcut timepieces allows you to turn on without worrying about turning it on again.

Share Wi-Fi

If someone needs to connect to their Wi-Fi, you might already be experiencing this scene, but just sharing a password is not convenient. This is where the Wi-Fi Shortcut Share comes in handy.

The shortcut produces a QR signal that can be scanned by someone else on the device to communicate without knowing what your password is. This function is also useful if you have a password to sort.

Safari Dark Mode

You aren’t alone if you like to learn in the evening but you discover the light black backdrop on most web sites. The Safari Dark Mode shortening provides a light backdrop to black paper whatever you read on the internet.

Moreover, the battery life on contemporary screens is not just great for your eye strain.

Morning Wake-Up Call

The Morning Wake-up Call enables you to function as a personal assistant with Siri Shortcuts. The characteristic opens you up and helps you understand when you need to return to operate on schedule.

Back-Up Your Shortcuts

Backup your shortcuts do what you say exactly if you ever had a shortcut. The Shortcut supports your iCloud drive shortcut.

 If a few key shortcuts are important, it is valuable to have this one installed because you have it backed up.

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