Apple Shortcuts: New Support for Sharing Links To Your Siri Shortcuts In Beta iOS 13.1

In its beta2 development company of iOS 13.1, Apple has further improved the ability of users to share iCloud connections with the shortcuts features. Check out this post to find out more.

Previous Technique That You Hate

You can exchange the shortcuts that you have generated with shortcut documents in previous releases of the Shortcut software or create an iCloud connection which other consumers can use to attach. However, only by pressing the share button and selecting the intervention you would like to backup can you accomplish this task one by one.

It has also stripped customers from the beta of iOS 13 the capacity to access files from.shortcut for safety purposes.

New Support for Sharing Links

With the latest version, you can generate links for many or all of their shortcuts using the Get Link to File action. Bypassing the results of the Get My Shortcuts action as input into the Get Link to File action, you activate the same Create iCloud Link function available in the share sheet.

By executing a shortcode with this configuration, an alert will be displayed that allows you to view the content of the message like anyone with access to this shared iCloud link. This is acceptable for every shortcut used as input by tapping the creating link button. As a result, iCloud links are generated for each of them and a list of links is passed.

Suggestions For Use

Using the features, get my shortcuts and access a link to your archive. These include other measures such as Choose from the list, which will allow you to select from your shortcuts, filter files can be used to narrow your results, and a copy of the links to the clipboard or to share at the end.

Most users are happy that Apple has provided them with a new way both of backup and of easily sharing their shortcut library with the world. As we know, most users have spent too much time manually doing this and are looking forward to sharing their own using custom shorts rather than taping repeatedly.

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