Apple Top Shortcuts That Automate Your Life And Make Thing Easier

Apple releases its shortcuts that automate your tasks and make everything easier. Check out this post that presents top shortcuts that you must try it out.

Tax Calculator Shortcuts

You cannot usually understand how much sales tax is added to your complete charge until you have worked out. It doesn’t have to be the situation with this Siri shortcut. It is helpful and versatile enough for both meal journeys and retail.

Just placed each item’s cost in a laptop. Fill in the shortcuts to the sum. The abbreviation provides you with the tax amount and the entire tax. Enter local income wherever you are to make sure you modify the shortcut.

Remind Me at Work

If you’ve ever needed to be reminded about something at work, there is one tool that is stands out the most, Remind me at work shortcut.

You just have to enter your email at house or function and offer your Reminder the shortcuts. Once you do, the shortcut will automatically activate a reminder when you are in the given place.

Network Tools

Wi-Fi networks can hold secrets, which is probably why this Network tool shortcut was invented. It combines a slew of different network testing and viewing capabilities into a simple-to-use package. Just download it to your shortcuts app, and you’ll have all of these tools within easy reach.

You can test ping to, show information about your Wi-Fi network, run a speed test, see the location of your physical IP, lookup advanced Wi-Fi information, and even share your Wi-Fi network via QR code.

Item Lookup

 Let’s look at an example, you find the perfect item in one shop, but you want to know if it’s the best deal. On other store websites, you can search for that item or just execute the shortcut created by users.

Upon enabling it, your iPhone will scan the barcode using your camera. Then the list of the Amazon, Walmart or Target item will be displayed. If the shortcut is a downside, the prices of all three stores can not be compared at once. But it is much better than manually searching for items.

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