Backlog 2019 Full Review: SRE Features, Price, Detail, and More

Completing your tasks as an SRE develop is much better and easier with the help of tools like Backlog. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Backlog?

Known as a software for project management, Backlog designed exclusively for all software development teams. This tool aims at enhancing collaboration, coordinated and communication between developers as a complete project management solution.

Also, the vital element is taken into account by the non-technically involved group participants. These include project tracking, surveillance of issues and assignment leadership. It allows customers to arrange and delegate duties at one location to other players.

Overview of Backlog Benefits

  • Advanced Task Management

Keep a project workflow organized through the hierarchy of tasks. The software for the monitoring of projects can not only divide projects into key tasks but also create subtasks within a project.

Subtasks can be split between group employees and checklists can be created to maintain a record of the beginning and owing times of task milestones, advancement and other changes, classifications and other automatic areas.

  • Easily Track For Progress

Because team members have subtasks assigned, users can track their project progress easily. You may set deadlines for any changes to your assignments and notify the group participants.

Furthermore, you can view the status of assignments and job holders in a single location via Gantt Charts.

  • Gantt and Burndown Charts

Take full advantage, including completed dates and continuing work, of the Gantt and Burndown charts for tracking projects.

 Also, you can automatically assign team members with their readily available reports from the two charts. Project directors shall be authorized to renew Gantt maps’ owing times, assigned persons and other design information.

Price and Plans

Backlog offers a free trial for anyone who wants to try it out. Moreover, it comes with Starter Plan for $35 per month, Standard Plan for $100 per month, Premium Plan for $175 per month, and Enterprise Plan for $1,200 per year.

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