DaDaBIK Full Review: Top Front-End Tools That Make Huge Difference

With tools like DaDaBIK, completing your tasks as a front-end developer is easier than ever before. Check out this post to find out more.

What is DaDaBIK?

Known as a PHP built-in, non-code database generator platform, DaDaBIK is also quick web-based data programming. Currently, it supports other platforms such as SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.

This tool, first issued under the GNU General Public License in 2001, became a paid application with three options for subscriptions in 2012. Each package provides free updates of six months to three years.

However, if you need to create more applications and want to access better tools and features, your license is always owned and you can easily upgrade plans.

Overview of DaDaBIK Benefits And Features

  • Accelerated Access

To migrate your databases to the web, organizations sometimes have to wait a long time to access their data from the cloud. But you can quickly create simple yet adaptable front ends of a database or complex and complex database applications with this tool no-code / low code interface.

  • Reduced Application Costs

Once you purchase this tool, the application will always be your copy. Not only that, you receive free updates and upgrades for the duration of the package you choose.

With this, the majority of their funds can be channeled to other projects instead of spending a very large amount on only one solution.

  • Ascendable Development

You can create a limited number of database applications in every package. But if you have to build more than your current license permits. You can therefore easily upgrade to the next package to meet the needs of your users and company.

  • Robust Data

This tool has multiple tools to ensure the complete integrity of the data. These tools allow you to avoid software failure, data inconsistency, incorrect stockpiling and other human errors.

Record locking is an example. This ensures that when one user has a file opened and edits it, other users cannot modify or perform additional operations.

Price And Plans

This tool does not offer any free plan. However, it comes with other plans like Pro for $49, Enterprise for $190, and Platinum for $580.

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