Dataiku DSS Full Review; AI Engineer Tools Features, Details, Price, and More

Dataiku DSS boost your AI Engineering platform, projects, and tasks right away. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Dataiku DSS?

Known as a cooperative data-science tool, Dataiku DSS  helps scientific researchers, developers, and technicians to investigate, prototype, construct and supply their information products. Also, this is done with the highest effectiveness.

This tool an all-in-one data analysis system that incorporates integrated coding and visual interface. In any part of the predictive data flow prototyping process, a custom drag and drop visual interface can also be used-from wrangling, analysis, and modeling.

Agnostic data integration with more than 30 connectors and customer extensions connect users with current infrastructure. Also, this tool recognizes the data format and scheme and allows push-computing into the current infrastructure.

A graphic picture of the organizational information for each part of the assessment can be obtained to allow consumers to discover, process, enrich, mix and tidy information in an interactive way.

Overview of Dataiku DSS Benefits And Features

  • Advanced Converting Raw Data

This tool requires only one interface from beginning to end to convert raw data to use, real-time predictions. You can explore, fight and prepare without worrying about format, storage, accessibility and so on.

The platform has over 20 connectors, which allow you to build your own. Users may obtain any type of information from large or tiny, organized or non-structured, inside or outside at any time.

  • Quick Columns View

With its Quick Column View, the quality of data can be viewed in real-time. This begins with duplicate and invalid, completeness, accuracy, distribution and dispensing. A single tap is available to complete statistical summaries.

It also features information training instruments for sophisticated analytics and predictive modeling quickly and confidently. A Table-Type interface, plus contextual transformations, makes it less tedious for everyone to carry out mass actions on data.

Price and Plans

This tool offers two plans which are Free Trial and Quote-Based Plan.

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