Front-End Developer Top Tools: Sublime Text Full Review, Details, And More

Tools like Sublime Text has what it takes to boost your Front-End tasks and projects. Read this post to find out more

What is Sublime Text?

Known as a cross-platform text editor tool, Sublime Text is a minimalist software that handles complex coding process. Moreover, it comes with advanced toolbars and dialogs.

This brilliant tool comes with easy and simple to use platform. However, inside, it packs with powerful editor features, plug-ins, auto-completion, and more.

Overview of Sublime Text Benefits

  • User-Friendly Text Editor

This tool is an easy-to-use text editor with many characteristics and features hidden inside. Thanks to its notepad strategy, it’s so simple to use even for coding uninitiated.

This software can work on other working systems with its own custom cross-platform user interface. All of this occurs without looking at each scheme differently.

  • Advanced Customization

Complicated processes such as key connections, snippets, terminals, etc. are all this tool has to do with custom JSON files. This system gives you the flexibility to specify settings per-file type and per project.

  • Flexible Editing

With the assistance for divided editing, you can get the most from your broad screen monitor. Editing side by side documents or editing a single file with two places.

You can also edit as many columns and rows as you want. Using several window divisions, use the benefit of multiple monitors by editing with various windows.

  • Better Performance

This tool is made of individual parts. It, therefore, ensures unequaled reactivity. Every complicated procedure and operations can be handled in this instrument. This is because the unparalleled syntax highlighting engine comes with a strong UI toolkit.

  • Instant Project Control

The entire workspace contents will be recorded for all your projects in this instrument. This involves files that are altered and not saved.

Also, like Goto Anything, you can switch between projects. The switch will immediately restore all your changes when the project starts.

Sublime Text Pricing Plans:

Sublime Text offers a trial for you it out. It also has other plans like Personal License for $70, and Business License for $70.   

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