GoodData Full Review In 2019: Details, Features, Price, And More

With tools like GoodData, your tasks as Data Engineering is easier than ever before. Check out this post to find out more.

What is GoodData?

Known as a company that believes data is accessible to all and, hence, GoodData wants all business decisions must be based upon actionable data. This tool believes that you will develop and develop your business when the relevant data are accessible, but mainly the customer that you work with.

Based on these views, this instrument runs beyond business intelligence to provide a product with strong importance. It offers sophisticated analytics to generate fresh income flows for propelled businesses.

Its strength helps you understand the behavior and needs of our customers. Also, this tool offers useful marketing insights to know the purchasing path of your customers and help increase the yield on multi-touch place promotions expenditure.

Overview of GoodData Features

  • Make Better Decisions

It defines organizational ideas that can enhance your company’s safety and agility. With this instrument, businesses are making quicker choices, more efficient budgetary assets and improving predictability.

  • Comprehensive Analytics

It is a comprehensive cloud analytics tool which integrates cloud data into, inter alia, your operational sources. Features like client ideas represent the effect of your marketing on the company.

It also offers organizational perspectives which can enhance the effectiveness of decision-making and boost production speed. Finally, with the assistance of integrated analytics, better income flows are available.

  • Data Warehousing

This software encompasses the top data platforms such as self-service data discovery, large data, and advanced analytics and viewing on one convenient cloud analysis platform. It administers the technology and information pipeline of your company and allows customers to become improved researchers with distinctive group training capacities.

Pricing Plans:

GoodData offers a free trial plan for anyone who wants to try it out. Also, a Quote-Based Plan which you need to contact a vendor.

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