Jenkins Full Review: Top SRE Tool That You Need To 2019

Jenkins offers benefits for your SRE tasks and projects. Check out this post to find out more about this tool.

What is Jenkins?

This software is created based on the Java platform, Jenkins has integration capability that boosts your software development. Moreover, it runs in a server-based system like Apache Tomcat and many others.

This tool allows you to automate software development and integrate procedures of all types in the development cycle. This includes packaging, documentation, testing, design, phase, deployment, dynamic analyze, to name a few.

This software achieves Continuous Integration with the help of plugins. Thus, it allows the integration of Various DevOps stages.

Overview of Jenkins Benefits

Continuous Integration

This outstanding tool allows ongoing inclusion and distribution and can operate as a simple CI database. Because of its Java building, setup is likewise a breeze. also operates well on Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, Unix, and more.

Settings are simple and easy and include error checks and built-in help features. The scheme also contains several hundred plugins to facilitate the inclusion of the instrument and ongoing development and distribution.

Its plugin design also offers endless hardware growth opportunities. Also, it spreads job easily across several systems and supports construction disks, experiments, and implementation.


This software is easy to change and expanded readily. It immediately deploys software, produces trial accounts. Furthermore, it can be equipped for continuous integration and ongoing distribution according to the demands.

Easy to Install And It Is Open Source

It is simple to deploy, user-friendly or does not involve extra facilities or parts. Thus, you can download this device, attach it, configure it, add it to its cost, without introducing overhead.

Jenkins Pricing Plans:

This tool is a free platform that any users can use and benefits from.

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