KiSSFLOW Full Review: Price, Details, Features, And Everything Else

KiSSFLOW is that kind of tool that boost your Front-End tasks and projects in the little amount of time. Check out this post to find out more.

What is KiSSFLOW?

Known as a cloud-hosted system, KiSSFLOW allows company developers model, build and customize company apps readily. Moreover, it requires a lightweight strategy to BPM and places workflows in individuals who are most familiar with issues.

This tool includes about 50 company apps previously installed, such as onboarding for employees, buy instructions, mileage repayment, seller payments and many more. Besides, you can either mount and modify these applications according to your desires, or create your own from scratch.

Also, the company implementation contains an information collection type, a process structure, and individual tasks workflow, accounts and notifications.

Overview of KiSSFLOW Benefits

  • Human-Centric Approach

This instrument requires a centered human attitude to the development of workflows. This implies that a process owner can simply navigate a workflow in the manner in which you view the process, not the manner a scheme interprets it.

Everyone can settle down with this instrument and do the same for an integrated company implementation. Also, it lets you start with a great company phone for as fast as a few minutes.

  • Interface Is Simple And Easy To Use

For both the designer and the consumer, the design is easy. Also, the instrument arrives with a two-week free test, which allows you to check the features before making your ultimate acquisition.

This instrument has been intended as a website and enables customers to build an infinite amount of apps. The option also operates well for the financial managers and is replicable and utilizable without any extra expense for the HR group. Each app is published or intended by the wizard of the app.

  • Wizard Feature

The first part of the Wizard feature helps you design the form with a wide variety of input fields. These include a user list, dropdowns, date and time, and attachments. Then the creator defines the workflow using either approval or input tasks.

Tasks can be assigned statically or dynamically based on the data in the form. There is also the functionality to create parallel workflows and tasks that happen based on data or a formula.

Pricing And Plans

This comes with a free trial and other plans like Kissflow for $9/user per month and Enterprise which you need to contact the seller.

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