Looker Full Review: Data Science Tool That You Need In 2019

With the help of the top Data Science Tool like Looker, finishing your tasks and process is easier than ever before.

What is Looker?

Known as an application that allows you to enter a web-based API where you can readily get an idea on your activities, in real-time, Looker does it all using data analysis. Moreover, it offers creative information scan features for companies both big and little.

This software enables you to produce accounts on the way to be available to all concerned sides so that other group participants can add to debates on certain duties and remain in the process in terms of any venture growth.

This tool still operates when you do not know the SQL, as it has a wealthy database of images, equipment, and video presentations. The paper also involves integrated games that innovative managers would like to turn analytics into a pleasant exercise.

Overview of Looker Benefits

  • Ease of use

In the beginning, this tool’s operation is highly simple. No expert data analyst or SQL expertise must be used to handle workflows from there, as most activities are performed using a simple, self-interest software.

There is no complex design, and engaging and precise graphs and tables can be used to shoot information. The system also offers self-service characteristics like routing, swiveling and visualization, and dashboards.

  • Handy visualizations

In the left-hand panel, you can manage all overall operations relating to information scans and create customized workspaces. When creating views, a unique information system is available, where the required components can be dragged and dropped and functions such as Administrators, Users and developers assigned.

  • Strong collaboration features

This tool allows and streamlines user cooperation to create things even easier. The software is available on both browsers and portable devices, so staff is informed and participate when they are away from the business.

Data and records may also, for instance, be communicated through email or URLs or embedded readily with distinct apps and even specific apps or third parties. Finally, if the customer chooses, information can also be transmitted digitally into document or.csv.

Pricing Plans:

Looker offers a free trial for you to try it out. Moreover, it offers Quote-Based Plan which you need to contact the vendor.

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