QlikView Vs. Wekan: Full Comparison And Review

Data Science tools like QlikView and Wekan have what it takes to take your tasks to the next level. Check out this post to find out more.

What is QlikView?

The QlikView business intelligence platform allows you to build the Guide Analytical Apps with the gleaned data and knowledge systems. It helps you to respond more quickly to changing requirements and provides valuable feedback that can be used throughout the whole business.

This tool offers both regular and custom data links as well as open server access to ensure smooth transmission of data between different systems. Open system API ensures the actual convergence of all application environments through QlikView, which means that multiple different processing systems are avoided.

Overview of QlikView Benefits

  • Advanced-Data Discovery

This method uses a natural search to explore and locate data quickly. It provides special connectors which can be attached to regular connectors on request.

This ensures that it can be used well in all research cases both when running a small or regional company and when performing big data analysis at a business level. These include the import of Hive data, Salesforce information, and other top systems.

  • Better Collaboration

This software helps you to share your thoughts and data views inside this platform and staff can discuss it in real-time. You can submit the criteria and allowances to increase information availability in the cloud or through your business server simply repairs them.

  • Full Control Over Your Data

You must enjoy the possibility to create personal and data-driven conclusions through guided paths and study. All results are flexible and customizable.

In other words, the workers will be motivated and encouraged to learn how to use them to make meaningful business decisions.

What is Wekan?

With Wekan, you can create panels that are moved between rows that can be used with simple, inexpensive and collaborative technology, open-source job leadership.

The committee has an unlimited membership, all of them equipped with coordination and interaction devices. It thus creates high efficiency, as people can work in a single device seamlessly.

This method is very simple and easy to use. Once you’ve made the tables, just take those people who you think will accompany you and that’s good. The job is also sunshine as cheerful labeling is essential for grouping and sorting through cards.

Overview of Wekan Benefits

  • A Free Software

It is a free tool that can be downloaded easily. In other words, you need not spend money on Wekan and on your company.

There is also an open-source framework. This software is the perfect framework for your company’s needs in the quest for project management and cooperative arrangements.

  • Flexible

Everyone is free to change the process and adapt it to his / her needs. The method is highly versatile and appropriate for companies working in complex initiatives.

  • Kanban Style

This method uses Kanban-fashion card-based project management. This makes designing and implementing fast learning curves simple for those who have not started the management of Kanban.

 It can be set up on your server, as it is a simple system, with no strong skills required. This tool gives you complete authority over your data just as Kanban primarily handles business projects.

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