Top 5 Apple Shortcuts That You Need In 2019: Siri Shortcuts Guide

Apple debuted a powerful new app called Shortcuts last year. Shortcuts It’s essentially a platform that allows users to create workflows to combine and automate all kinds of tasks.

In this post, it presents you the top five shortcuts that you must have in 2019.

Apple: Dark Mode V2

The current system-wide Dark Mode is not available for iOS and most of the websites. However, as the Smart Invert feature on iOS, it can make your eyes easier to read bright web pages late at night.

All you need to do is to select in the Share tab and choose the version 2 of Dark Mode through the Shortcut icon. The shortcut then covers the website with a white text on the black background.

I’m Getting Pulled Over Shortcuts

Routine police stops are only a routine stop for cops until they’re not. It is indeed helpful, regardless of your feelings on the subject, to have the situation recorded.

This shortcut and many other handy tasks are also done.

You only say you’re pulled over. This Apple shortcut pauses your music, switches the brilliance down, activates Do Not Disturb, and starts recording video using the front photo.

You can even set it to send a pre-determined contact to that video.

Google Translate

This feature is a handy tool to help you quickly understand or transmit simple sentences in a foreign language. But you can instead download this Siri shortcut if you do not need to go to Google to use it.

What is the beauty of it is strikingly simple. You take some text and select the language to which you want to translate. The Apple shortcut displays the transcribed text and gives you the option to share or copy it to the clipboard.

Image Search

On a Mac or PC, reverse image searches are sufficiently easy. It’s a little tricky on iOS, however. For example, if you are using Google Chrome, you will have to ask Google’s desktop version because the website doesn’t help portable picture surveys.

This shortcut makes it simpler. You simply execute the shortcut and pick the picture you want to look for. You will receive the outcomes from this shortcut. Google search is done by definition; however, you can adjust it if you want to dive into the current shortcut measures.

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