Top DevOps Tools in 2019: Nagios XI Full Review That You Need

Nagios XI helps you complete DevOps faster and more efficient. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Nagios XI?

Known as a business server and network monitoring software, thousands of businesses and organizations rely on Nagios XI. It helps them reduce downtimes, improve network efficiency and solve the most challenging IT problems.

Easy to use but extensive, this instrument is part of the strong IT management and software surveillance suite of Nagios. The network monitoring, alert and analytical solution for enterprises allows customers to monitor all the elements that are critical to their daily company activities in their IT infrastructure.

Applications, facilities, and devices included. This tool has an internet application designed to make information surveillance simple to access and to simplify configurations and configuration leadership.

Overview of Nagios XI Benefits

IT Infrastructure Comprehensive Monitoring

This software allows you to track their IT facilities thoroughly. This guarantees that the server and networking tracking software enables you to monitor all the critical elements that influence the operating of your company and daily activities in your IT infrastructure.

It also promotes the surveillance of parts of IT equipment such as apps, facilities, working devices, device metrics, and network protocols.

Network component visibility and data monitoring

This software provides extensive surveillance of your IT infrastructure, all parts of your network are readily visible. The data and information they need are also monitored.

It has an internet browser with strong dashboard connectivity. It is constructed. It thus offers you with high-level insights into servers, facilities, network equipment and other IT infrastructure elements, including your business processes.

Powerful Monitoring Engine

The system also utilizes Nagios Core 4, a strong surveillance motor. You can inspect the efficiency of your computers by this surveillance engine. Nagios Core 4 uses procedures to enhance the manner they monitor server efficiency.

Nagios XI Pricing Plans:

Nagios XI offers Free Trial for you to try it out. It also has other plans like Standard Edition For Starts at $1,995, Enterprise Edition Starts at $3,495, and License Levels which you need to contact a vendor.

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