Top SRE Tool Review: ReQtest Details, Features, Prices, And More

ReQtest has what it takes to take your SRE performance into the next level. Check out this post to find out more.

What is ReQtest?

Known as cloud-based tools for the monitoring, ReQest exams management and error monitoring of requirements. It is a design leadership instrument that supports the creation and execution of your technology.

Besides, these key features render it a one-stop alternative for lifecycle leadership applications. The IT assistance group, testers, designers and company experts have multiple duties to complete.

The highly personalized request module simplifies the organization, evaluation, and prioritization of demands. Furthermore, it allows the visualization of information for monitoring bugs and offers usable ideas to increase the productivity of your testers.

Overview of ReQtest Benefits And Features

  • Spontaneous Management

This tool offers efficiency and productivity through its integrated test module from test planning to execution. Test instances are simplified by customizable and pre-filled types.

The test is performed on an intuitive interface that can be adjusted during the trial, while bugs are reported immediately when you experience problems.

  • Flawless Integration For Jira

It has complete two-way sync to JIRA so that you can seamlessly move bugs from it to ReQtest o check control. Each shift in either scheme will be modified automatically to guarantee up-to-date data.

Getting a one-click graphs review of the venture will demonstrate your important data on experiments, advancement, and errors

  • Advanced Bug Tracking

This tool enables you to concentrate on bug tracking problems with integrated filters. You can select a single-page perspective or group perspective to drag and drop rows for handling bugs to readily display bug accounts.

Besides, this wonderful technology facilitates seamless collaboration between the testers and designers in bug fixing and finding.

Price And Plans

ReQtest offers Free Trial for you to try it out. It also comes with Small Team for $10/user per month, and Professional for up to $45/user per month.

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