Wekan Review: Data Science Tool Features, Details, And More

Wekan is one of the top Data Science tools that boosts your performance and activity right away. Check out this post to find out more.

What is Wekan?

With Wekan, you can generate panels, with the card moving around among rows, which can be used with an easy-to-use, affordable, open-source job leadership and collaborative software.

Its board can have an unlimited number of members, all equipped with tools for collaboration and communication. It, therefore, produces elevated efficiency, as people can operate seamlessly together as one device.

This tool is simple to use and very simple. Once you’ve created the panels, just bring the individuals you believe should go with you and you’re nice to go with it. The task is also sunshine since colorful labeling can be assigned to cards to assist organize and filter.

It’s also simple to add another participant to the board.

Overview of Wekan Benefits

  • A Free Software

This tool is free software that is easy to download. In other words, you do not need to spend money on getting Wekan and setting it up for your company.

It is also a platform for open source. This tool is the perfect application to assist you to cope with your changing company requirements by looking for the task management and collaborative scheme.

  • Flexible

All individuals are free to make and allow changes to the system and adapt it to their needs. This instrument is very versatile and appropriate for organizations operating in complex initiatives.

  • Kanban Style

This instrument utilizes card-based task management in Kanban fashion. This makes it simple for those uninitiated to the Kanban sort of management to build up and execute brief learning curves.

 It can be installed on your server, with no strong skills required, as it is a simple system. This instrument provides you complete power over your information, as do most of Kanban, business project management schemes.

Wekan Pricing Plans:

As mentioned above, this tool is free to use

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