Yellowfin Full Review: Top Data Engineering Tool That You Need In 2019

Yellowfin is a tool that you need to boost your Data Engineering tasks and projects. Check out this post find out more about this software.

What is Yellowfin?

Known as a business intelligence software, Yellowfin aims to speed up the process of obtaining data-driven insights on your business performance. While this one-integrated analytical tool can be used to define the result of your operations, it goes further by providing you with detailed information as to why you have received these outcomes.

With its feature, it is simpler for you, by creating better company choices, to gain more insight into your data and enhance it.

This tool provides a full BI-stack as a final analysis alternative, by dividing an analytical item and another for information conversion. It comes with ranges of alternatives involves leading-edge instruments and integrated ideas.

Overview of Yellowfin Benefits

  • Better Business Solution

This tool uses a complete business solution which can help you with several problems in data analytics. Moreover, this software can provide you with the tools you need.

It even arrives with solid business administration characteristics, allowing you to use your BI according to fine grain safety. In this way, comprehensive authorization workflows are simpler to build that allows you to execute confidential information across your company.

  • Easy To Adopt

One of the main features of this instrument is the embedded system. This enables customers to install it locally or cloud-friendly–for your business. You can use the business intelligence tool of the software that matches your usage configuration to guarantee customer acceptance throughout your organization

  • More Comprehensible Analytics Results

This software features such as Storyboard, a fully integrated display module for telling convincing stories and for relaying the importance of your data insights. It allows you to easily share strong showings, combine live with interactive reports, and to use individual texts, images, and videos

Pricing Plans

This too comes with plans like Free Trial, Analytics for $50/user/month, Yellowfin Stories for $10/user/month, and Yellowfin Signals which you need to contact the vendor.

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